About Us

Nearable was founded by Keir Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds learned directly through his hands on experience with the MEZZI brand, the limitations of today’s tracking devices. These devices, being limited to their own brands proprietary technology, don’t allow for cross platform searching.

With Nearable, we’ve taken that thought one step further, and landed on an idea that would change the way we connect to our devices forever. Using proprietary technology, Nearable is able to leverage any smart-phone around the world, truly creating the world’s largest BLE mesh network. He set out to put a team together, fund, and build this from the ground up.

Today, we have a highly scalable SDK developed, seed round completed, a team that can rival that of any top funded IoT companies, and a product that’s on the verge of disrupting the entire bluetooth and item tracking space as we know it.

Keir Reynolds

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Reynolds


Danny Brody

VP Business Development

Robbie Trudeau


Anthony Yu

Technical Advisor

Kurt McIntire